MISOL Services

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Technical-Economic Studies and Assessments

Our team of professionals and high prestige consultants provide an integral service of technical-economic studies & assessment to evaluate the diferent process of mining projects from the conceptual phase to the implementation of the project.

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Engineering Design & Development

We provide the service of Design & Development of Engineering for mining projects. We cover every requested requirement from the Conceptual Engineering, Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, allowing us to develop the different phases of the proyect meeting the technical, environmental and legal requirements.

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Shaft Sinking Systems

Our services provide assesments from the Conceptual and Pre-Feasibility of the Deepening Systems phase until the Project Management of Mine Shafts Construction (including the stage of commissioning). We have a professional team with capacity on EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Managment Construction) for Construction Projects, Upgrade and Mine Shafts Maintenance.

We are experts in handling Automation Mining Equipment reducing the cost of operation in the lifting system. We are one of the few companies with extensive experience in Lifting Sistems (Mine Shafts) in Peru.

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Rehabilitation of Mining Equipment

We analyze and evaluate the capabilities of the plants and equipment which show defficiencies to provide the customer with various proposal solutions of alternatives to technical methods or modificiations to the equipment or mining operations.

We provide the rehabilitation of the equipment or facilities according to the analysis and technical proposal considering the importance of the continuity of the operations of the mining unit for our customers.

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Project Management

We provide an Integral Project Management where we work to the detail on the Costs, Quality, Time Schedules, Scope, Human Resources, Risks, Communications and Procurement. We have the ability to direct Construction Projects (CM) from the initial to the final phase. We manage the control and supervision of construction of mining shafts, deepening, building ramps, etc. on Mining Projects.

We have a professional team specialized in Project Management. Our Project Management Professionals (PMP) use techniques and tools acquired in training by the Project Management Institute (PMI).